Monday, June 1, 2015

Day Thirteen

Rain, rain go away...
come again another day!

That little rhyme is our mantra for today. We went to sleep last night thinking we'd head north this morning. However, Mother Nature had other thoughts. We woke up to rain and 39 degrees! And the forecast was more of the same all day.

So we talked it over and decided to stay put for the day. We had a reservation at a hotel in Caribou that had to be canceled, and had to tell the front desk that we wanted to stay over. Then back to bed for a nap.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a smidgen better; a little warmer and maybe some breaks in the rain. But we've stayed cooped up long enough and are going to brave the Elements and move on. Not sure whether north or east, but we are leaving here.

So, it was a lazy day in the room. All the gear dried out and we got some much-needed rest. 

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