Saturday, June 6, 2015

Days Seventeen and Eighteen

Time for another twofer. Both days were spent in and around Bar Harbor (Ba Ha Ba).

Friday's weather was overcast and cool to cold. Temps in the high 40s and low 50s made for an uncomfortable day.

We spent a good part of the day in Acadia National Park, just riding around and seeing the sights. We went to Sand Beach, which is a very rare sand beach in a small cove. The total length of the beach was about 200 yards, tiny by NC beach standards. The water was crystal clear and cold.  The wind was blowing fairly hard, and the air temp was 52 degrees, so there was no one in the water. Actually all of the people on the beach were all bundled up. We were in our bumblebees!

The ride was good, with almost non-existent traffic.

When it got to dinnertime, we rode to a nearby town of Trenton. We had decided to eat lobster, a natural delicacy of Maine. Each of us had eaten lobster before, but it had been many years earlier. So it was time to experience it again at a place recommended by the locals.

We picked out ours, chose the side items, and found a table for the feast. In a bit, our number was called, so we picked up our meal. The restaurant offered to cracking ours, but Malcolm was stubborn and told them he could do it. Probably a mistake! We did manage to pull out all of the meat, but it was quite a struggle. But it was good. Certainly not something for every night, but good for a change. 

Then back to the motel for the night.

Today brought bright sunlight and finally warmer temperatures. A beautiful day for a ride.

We spent most of the day riding in and around the park. Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor, Seal Harbor, Bass Harbor, Bass Lighthouse, Nelson and Eagle Lakes, and many roads in-between. A great day in a place we both love.

The last part of the ride was to the summit of Cadillac Mountain again. This time with good light and decent temperatures. We took the bumblebees off and went scampering on the rocks at the top. The views from all vantage points were breathtaking. It was fun to climb up and down the landscape like kids would do. 

About an hour of playing on top, and we were ready to head into town for an adult drink and dinner.

Both were good. When we finished, we called it a day and headed to the motel for the night.

A great day enjoyed by both of us.

Tomorrow we say bye to Bar Harbor and begin our trip back home. We know now that we're several days behind schedule, so we'll not be home on the 10th as originally planned. But we'll be there when we get there!

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