Saturday, June 13, 2015


In case you noticed, there were no posts for about a week. Since there has been only one person who inquired about the draught of posts, it is assumed that we had only one follower. Oh well...

We're home now; it's June 13. The trip lasted three days longer than planned. The cold wet weather, combined with staying in some places longer than anticipated, lengthened the trip.

Basically, we worked our way south through New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and home. Ironically, our last night on the road was in the same town as our first night, Frederick Maryland.

The final day on the road (today) was pretty tough. Traffic was stop and go from just south of DC to just south of Fredericksburg. That's about 38 miles of stop and go on a bike in full gear at a temperature right at 100 degrees. We sweated more than either of us had ever sweated.

But we made it home safely.

The trip was 24 days long and covered 4,370 miles. We spent at least one night in the states of Maryland, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, and Connecticut. It was a great trip.

Janice did very well on the road. We encountered the full range of challenges of touring on a motorcycle, with the exception of a breakdown. We had hard rain, cold rain, fog, cold, extreme heat, and she weathered it like a seasoned rider. I'm proud of her; touring is not for the meek!

With this, the blog ends. New pics are posted below...

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  1. Beautiful pictures.
    Please know that I care, too. Just thought Day Nineteen was a very long day.
    Happy to see you guys made it home safely.