Monday, May 25, 2015

Day Five

Today was an easy day. We slept in later than usual. Touring gets harder as you age. We both get more tired earlier in the day, and it takes longer to recover the following day. So we approached the day at a slower pace.

We walked back down the street to the pancake house and had a very good breakfast. The waitress, who was about our age, was very attentive, and mentioned that she had been to a South Carolina beach (Myrtle Beach) and a North Carolina beach, and liked ours better because it was less busy. 

After breakfast, we decided to ride up to Niagara on the Lake, a region of many wineries and beautiful homes. Wow, it was a pretty place. Vineyards everywhere, 19 different wineries that we counted on a map. How do you choose only one? Too bad we didn't have a designated driver; my limit was met in one winery. They do the wine tasting differently in Canada--the law allows a tasting to be only one ounce. Most wines are $1 per ounce, but some are as much as $3 per ounce. A wine tasting can be expensive.

We tasted some ice wine, one with a label saying "Dan Aykroyd". The ice wines ( for those like us who don't know) are made from grapes left on the vines after the harvest. They dry and shrivel up, leaving the sugar in the husks. They are picked at night, when the temperature has been 13 to 15 degrees overnight for 3 nights (at least, that's what they told us), squeezed, and made into wine. Very sweet, but the bottle we bought was, by far, the best wine we've ever tasted.  It's definitely for sipping and makes a great dessert! 

Riding back to Niagara Falls, we decided to ride along the Niagara river to Lake Erie. We did, finding a beach where we could dip our feet into the water. We have now seen Lake Ontario and Lake Erie within a span of about 30 miles!

Back to the hotel, some rest, and then back out for dinner. Our meal, burgers and fries, eaten on the patio of Cocos, was very good. Then back to the hotel for the night. Another good day...


  1. So beautiful. I would have loved to tried the wine...glad you are enjoying.