Friday, May 29, 2015

Day Ten

We got out of the motel at a decent time this morning, but we still didn't make very many miles today. Instead of focusing on distance, we focused on covered bridges.

We made a list of bridges along the proposed route we wanted to travel, and that was a help. We found 9 bridges we wanted to visit. So, we went looking.

Out of the 9, we found 8! Not bad at all. Each one took some hunting, and of course, some time taking pics, so we made great progress on bridges, but little in distance. And we tire easily. Although it didn't get hot, we got hot, especially in places where traffic was slow. 

Lunch was good in Brattleboro. We found a hole in the wall place where Malcolm had a "Hot Mess", which was a plate full of home fries, mushroom, cheese, onions, green pepper and eggs over light. Delicious!

We're not too concerned about the miles were making, but a little more concerned that we get tired so easily. Neither of us are sick, and everything is going well, but maybe the miles and disruption of normal routines makes a difference.

About 5 pm, we were bushed so we stopped for the day in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Beautiful bridges. "Hot Mess" looked ... interesting.