Monday, May 25, 2015

Day Six

Our last morning in Canada 😧.  We got up early, packed the bike and headed back to the good old USA!!  The border crossing was no problem at all.

We had to stop in Grand Island to pick up the handgun. Along the way there, we spotted the Kelly Country Store to kill a little time. The store had a lot of old artifacts and stuff. Janice spotted a pretty picture, framed, with meaningful phrases at a very good price, so we bought it. Carrying it home in the trailer is a snap!

We headed Southeast to the New York Finger Lakes.  The ride was nice.  During the ride, we spotted several Amish carriages ambling down the road.  Nice weather and beautiful countryside.  Vineyards started appearing as we got closer to the Finger Lakes region.  They seem to be everywhere.  We rode along Seneca Lake, as the road followed the contours of the land, up and down until we reached Watkins Glenn at the southern end of the 38 mile long Lake.

Once in town, the first order of business was to find a place to stay. We saw several small mom and pop motels along the way into town, none with a "No Vacancy" sign, so we knew we could get a room for the night. But in town was one newish really nice hotel at the harbor, so we stopped there to check on price and availability. 

Well, it certainly wasn't cheap, but it was very nice, so we decided to blow some more of the kids' inheritance and got a room for two nights! Terry cloth robes. Walk-in shower. Suite. Probably the best room we've ever stayed in in the USA. It's only money.

After some rest, taking a shower and soaking some dirty clothes in the sink, we walked around the village a bit, and found a place for dinner. We watched the sun set over the lake and called it a night. 

Another great day.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Good looking travelers : )