Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day Four

What a beautiful day spent in a beautiful place with a beautiful woman! Niagara Falls is an astounding place. From the city it self to the wonderful falls, it's truly one of the "must see" places in the world. We had strong sun and blue skies all day. There was also a strong breeze from the northwest, keeping temperatures cool, but not frigid.

We got up, got dressed, and walked down the street to a pancake house we'd spotted when riding to the hotel, only to be told at the entrance that their electricity was off and they weren't cooking. Darn! So, we went in the other direction in search of breakfast grub.

In a few blocks, we came up on a Tim Hortons restaurant. I had eaten at several in previous rides,so I knew it was okay. While we make it a practice to shun chain restaurants when touring, and Tim Hortons is a Canadian chain, we bent the rules and ate there (after all, it's a Canadian chain). And the rules are our rules, so we can interpret them as we want.  Breakfast was good.

Then down the street to the falls themselves. 

What a sight! Millions of gallons of blue-green water flowing over the falls every minute. It stuns the senses! At the American falls, the water crashes down onto huge rocks, splashing and roaring as it flows into the Niagara river. Off to the right, in a true horseshoe shape are the Horseshoe falls. God certainly knows how to make beautiful things!

We decided to buy passes that included 4 attractions: the Hornblower boat ride, the Walk on the Rapids, the Journey behind the falls, and the Niagara Fury show.  3 of the four included flimsy ponchos to keep you dry. So, we got wet three times; tennis shoes absorb water pretty well. But all were fun, and the walk along the rapids showed the power of the water moving along at 30 miles an hour. Awesome!

Nearing dark, we caught a bus to the Elements Restaurant, overlooking Horseshoe falls. We both enjoyed a drink and a good steak, while gazing out the windows at the falls. We also got a good Internet connection and downloaded email while waiting on darkness and the big lights shining on the falls. Just beautiful...

Oh, and dessert was a peach dreamsicle drink.  Yummy!

From there, we walked along the falls, watching the lights dancing on the water, up the hill, down the street and to our hotel. a good ending for a good day.

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